Inspired by past travels and a desire to create beautiful and sustainable jewellery that is accessible for all, Danielle Silvie combines ethical and responsibly sourced gemstones with classic and contemporary styles to give everyone confidence in their everyday lives. 


My name is Danielle and I'm the creator of Danielle Silvie.

Ever since I was 7 years old, I've been obsessed with jewellery, and in particular, gemstones. I was really fortunate to visit Sri Lanka as a child, and a trip to the mines and jewellers planted a deep appreciation for the meticulous process which turns these raw minerals into beautifully cut gemstones.

Throughout my childhood, I collected gemstones and kept an ever growing inventory, hoping one day that I could work with these gorgeous elements and share this passion with others. 

I continued to travel which only further broadened my horizons as I took in different cultures and styles with every trip. 


With the COVID-19 lockdown and a personal setback, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to invest this new found time and energy into a new pursuit, and a chance to turn a childhood dream into reality.

Having travelled through India, I was very aware of the stellar reputation of the jewellery industry in Jaipur. I fell in love with the Pink City and the people I encountered in my time there. With this in mind, I started making contacts and investigating their ethics and business practices. Our main partner also supplies TATA Industries - One of the biggest employers in India, who carry out regular audits and inspections of the workplace conditions to ensure that employees are comfortable with their working environment and treated fairly.

Next came the time to bite the bullet and place some sample orders - This is when things started to feel very real! The quality and standard of the pieces blew me away and I knew I had to share this with the world at this point.And just like that, Danielle Silvie was brought into the world. I hope that you love these stunning pieces as much as I do, I can't wait to continue sharing this journey with you! 

Danielle x x